session: The Economies of Sharing: Unlocking the Rich-media Potential

Day 1 / 2.00 – 4.00 pm: The Economies of Sharing: Unlocking the rich-media potential

The true potential of digitised public media collections is unlocked when seamless forms of public and professional access to these materials is enabled both on-line and on-site at the holders of these collections. Online public access enables unprecedented circulation of materials, makes invaluable contributions to public education, and stimulates vibrant cultural processes, particularly when materials can be actively reused. Professionals on the other hand require access to high quality media source materials and reliable documentation resources. Providing digital media resources that meet the demands of the public and the professionals transforms these media collections into invaluable productive resources.

The main challenge here is how to meet the material, institutional, and economic demands that result from this historical opportunity in a time where public funding is under severe pressure. This panel will not just look at effective revenue models for on-line rich media collections. Given the diversity of demands coming from different users (creative professionals, educators, the general public) it is clear that different solutions must be found to address them seperately. We will examine new technological trends that can help to (dramatically) bring down costs of making materials accessible, and explore the new on-line social dynamics in which audiences and users are actively involved in the co-curation of materials that do not necessarily involve monetary transactions, creating a true audiovisual-commons.

Most importantly, we will ask where the new forms of value creation happen around access and reuse of these public digital media resources. How can these new forms of value be capitalised upon to create the optimum conditions for a seamless public and professional access to these resources and a blossoming audiovisual commons?

Speakers and panels:

Introduction: Eric Kluitenberg (Commons theorist and author)

David Bollier (Commons theorist, author of Viral Spiral)
Felix Stalder (Zürich University of the Arts)
Tony Ageh (BBC)
Paul Rutten (Independent Researcher)

[coffee break]


Ellen Fleurbaay (Amsterdam City Archives)
Marc Jurgens (

Marco Rendina (Cinecittà Lucce)
Simon Morrison (Google UK)

This session was co-organized with the ‘Creativity: innovative models of production and access’ project which is co-funded under the European Unions Culture programme.

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