session: Images of the Future: Agenda setting and strategic objectives

Day 2 / 2.00 – 4.30 Afternoon session: Strategy & Agenda for the Future

With large scale digitisation efforts of cultural heritage resources well underway in Europe and elsewhere, and with the digital media revolution showing no signs of abating, we need to develop a strategic vision for future sustainability, public access and the role of public archives (and other institutions) in this process.

This session will attempt to summarize what we have learned from the images for the future project and how these lessons shape the future role of public archives and other publicly funded memory institutions. What is the main contribution of public archives in the digital public domain, how do they function as public institutions and how do these institutions fit into the open data policies currently being rolled out on the Europeana and national level.

This session will kick off with a key-note presentation by Martin Beredse (Director of the National Archive) who will reflect on the lessons learned from Images for the future and the relationship between public task and market expectations. This presentation will be the launch of an ‘Images for the future Agenda’ that outlines a number of principles for publicly funded digitization efforts and the principles governing access to cultural heritage in the digital public domain.

Speakers & response:

Hans Westerhof (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)
Martin Berendse (Dutch National Archives)
Marjan Hammersma (Director General Culture & Media, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)
Prof. Bernt Hugenholtz ( Dutch Institute for Information Law)

Discussion panel:
Speakers of this session and Sandra den Hamer (EYE), Paul Keller (KL)

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