The most elaborate series of presentations was the section Preservation. The first presentation of Liesbeth Keijser (Dutch National Archives) dealt with the preservation of acetate negatives, the process of restoration and preservation scanning. Manja Herrebrugh (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) talked about the preservation of acetate film: how to define and synchronize quality requirements with suppliers? And how can quality be measured? In his presentation about the preservation of film, Jan Scholten (EYE) explained long term film preservation via black and white separation masters by a case study of Noorderlingen, a Dutch cinema classic by Alex van Warmerdam. In addition, Annike Kross (EYE) talks about the digital restoration of silent films. She also uses a case study: the Spanish Dancer. The last presentation is by the Amy Wensing and Patricia Gaetano (both Sound and Vision) and deals with the rediscovery of the nitrate film collection.

Parallel track 14: Liesbeth Keijser – Preservation: Photography

Parallel track 15: Manja Herrebrugh – Preservation: Acetate Film

Parallel track 16: Jan Scholten – Preservation: Film

Parallel track 17: Annike Kross – Preservation: Film

Parallel track 18: Amy Wensing & Patricia Gaetano – Preservation: Nitrate Film