The last section Output for End Users has four ‘chapters’. First, Tim de Haan (Dutch National Archives) focuses on crowd sourcing (meta) data case studies. He uses examples like Flickr the Commons, Nationaal Archief joins Wikipedia and Het Geluid van Nederland.

Parallel track 22: Tim de Haan – Output for end users

Nikki Timmermans (Kennisland) follows up and gives a presentation on Open Cultuur Data.

Parallel track 23: Nikki Timmermans – Output for End Users

The presentation of Lotte Belice Baltussen (Sound and Vision) deals with Creative re-use and explains it by examples of Celluloid Remix 1 & 2 and Open Beelden.

Parallel track 24: Lotte Belice Baltussen – Output for End Users: Creative re-use

Irene Haan (EYE) gives the last presentation. She talks about real life interactions and explain how EYE has made use of this in the Scene Machine Live, the basement and the T_visionarium OPEN CITY.

Parallel track 25: Irene Haan – Output for end users