Day 1 / Parallel track: Digitization

In the section Digitization Erwin Verbruggen (Sound and Vision) is first to talk about the digitization of Film. He focuses on choosing equipment and standards for in-house digitization, the pros and cons of the choices made and some lessons learned. Valentine Kuypers and Leony Kleine (Sound and Vision) give a duo presentation about the digitizing of unusual formats. How can you set up an in-house digitization workflow for 78rpm records and VHS tapes? The next duo presentation of Joop Korswagen and Martina Hoffman (Dutch National Archives) deals with guidelines for digitizing photographic collections and using monitoring tools. Last Stefan Lalleman (Sound and Vision) speaks about adapting requirements to new digitizing techniques in the digitization of photographic material.

Parallel track 5: Erwin Verbruggen – Digitization: Film

Parallel track 6: Valentine Kuypers & Leony Kleine – Digitization: Equipment

Parallel track 7: Joop Korswagen & Martina Hoffmann – Digitization: Photography

Parallel track 8: Stefan Lalleman – Digitization: Photography