Day 2 / Parallel track: Output for End Users

The last section Output for End Users has four ‘chapters’. First, Tim de Haan (Dutch National Archives) focuses on crowd sourcing (meta) data case studies. He uses examples like Flickr the Commons, Nationaal Archief joins Wikipedia and Het Geluid van Nederland. Parallel track 22: Tim de Haan – Output for end users Nikki Timmermans (Kennisland) […]

Day 2 / Parallel track: Right Clearance

In the section Right Clearance the discussion heated up. The first presentation about right clearance in film by Geraldine Vooren (EYE) explained the process of the diligent search for rights holders. Her presentation was followed up by a duo presentation of Judith Moortgat (Dutch National Archives) and Arlette Bekink (Project manager collective rights, Pictoright). Their presentation […]

Day 2 / Session 4: Strategy & Agenda for the Future

This last session of eCommons3 brought different perspectives on stage about the future of the commons, and more precise, the mass digitization efforts that precede it. Hans Westerhof (director of the Images for the Future program) reviewed the achievements of the project, and which lessons can be drawn from it. He did this in two […]

Day 2 / Session 3: Re-imagining the Archive

The emergence of cloud computing, on-line access to virtually the entire cultural and historical memory of the world, and the proliferation of on-demand print and media-distribution. The function of collections and archives is changed so dramatically by these new conditions, that it’s being questioned altogether. At the same time, the new digital media context offers an […]