This edition of Economies of the Commons is the third ‘family member’, along with the 2008 and 2010 editions. In the 2008 edition, policy makers, cultural heritage specialists, theorists, and artists assembled to address the cultural, educational and societal significance of the new types of audiovisual ‘commons’ online. Central questions: how do we establish sustainable public access and opportunities for creative reuse?

The 2010 edition provided an analysis of sustainable economic models that can promote and safeguard the online public domain, aiming to find out what the new hybrid solutions are for archiving, access and reuse of on-line content that can both create viable markets and serve the public interest in a competitive & globalized information economy.

This third edition, labelled ‘Sustainable Futures for Digital Archives’, will address the fundamental change that the internet age has brought to the relations that GLAM institutions maintain with their audiences, and the implications that has on how these institutions are organized both inside and towards the outside world.


Watch this 90 second clip to get an idea of what Images for the Future is about:

Images for the Future in 90 seconds from Kennisland on Vimeo.


Economies of the Commons 2 Final Report
Download the final report on the Economies of the Commons 2 conference. Here we’ve compiled the program and all blog posts on the conference speakers and interviews with the organizers.

Photos Economies of the Commons 2:

2010 keynotes


Conference Keynote Charlotte Hess:

Critique of the ‘Free and Open’ session:

Pro-Active Archives session:

Public Debate: Future of the Public Domain in Europe:


Revenue Models session:

Open Content, Tools and Technology session:

Materiality and Sustainability of Culture session: