Day 1 / Parallel track: Selection

The different sections of the parallel track will be published in the next two weeks. This track showcased the results, challenges, and lesson learned since 2008 behind the scenes of the project Images for the Future.

A colossal effort in film, photo, video and audio preservation, restoration, digitization and access was illustrated through twenty five 10 minute presentations. Experts from the three collections involved (the Netherlands Institute for Sound and VisionEYE and the Dutch National Archives) showed examples and discussed specific issues and challenges with the audience.

This track aimed at dissemination, reflection and discussion and it is hoped that this video archive will help fullfil that. It is intended to spark reflection and discussion and the conception of new projects and initiatives.


The first section of 10 minutes presentations in the Parallel track dealt with issues of Selection. Geert Wissink (Sound and Vision) kicked of with a presentation on European tenders and explained the using of tender procedures as tools and their influence on the work process. Margot Knijn (Sound and Vision) talked about the selection of photography; the difficulty of selecting 300.000 negatives out of 1.5 million pieces and the introduction of an innovative web-based tool for selecting 35mm negatives. Valentine Kuypers (Sound and Vision) presented the choices, strategies and problems before and during the project of Images for the future in her talk of selection of audio. Rixt Jonkman closed of with her discoveries made regarding the selection of Nitrate Film during Images for the Future.
Parallel track 1: Geert Wissink – Selection: European Tenders 

Parallel track 2: Margot Knijn – Selection: Photography

Parallel track 3: Valentine Kuypers – Selection: Audio

Parallel track 4: Rixt Jonkman – Selection: Nitrate Film